The Better Way to Buy, Sell, and Profit from Fruit and Vegetables Commodities

ProduceDesk simplifies the way you communicate and build profitable relationships with your trading partners including a suite of tools built to help you take advantage of market changes in real-time. 

How it works

Exclusive Marketplace

Find buyers and sellers in your backyard and across the country, create custom alerts and receive notifications instantly when opportunities present themselves. Fruit and vegetable markets change fast, find profitable trading opportunities before your competition does.

Distressed Produce Recovery

Solutions for any distressed event. Save time and money by resolving ‘rejections’ faster and finding the right connection for salvage opportunities. Get alerted in real-time when the next ‘rejected’ load becomes available near you.

Data & Analytics

Stay on top of the latest trends in produce market supply and demand so you can take advantage of changes in the market.