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ProduceSOS is a tech-enabled service that top food companies in North America hire to help navigate the wide variety of exceptions that are facts of life in managing complex supply chains. Think of ProduceSOS as the A-Team for exception events, bringing unconventional solutions to promote food recovery, meet sustainability goals, and drive savings along the supply chain.

When You Have An Exception, Bring it to ProduceSOS

When companies hire ProduceSOS, they get a dedicated ProduceSOS Loss Prevention Manager who becomes part of their transportation, claims, and sustainability teams. When exception events occur, companies bring them to their loss prevention manager to assist with planning, scheduling, tracking, and resolution. The ProduceSOS relationship with each customer is different as we tailor our engagement based on the unique exceptions your company faces.

ProduceSOS Is Your Exception Event Solutions Expert

Using our decades of experience in the logistics and agricultural commodity markets, the ProduceSOS team taps into our nationwide network to find a permanent home for your product. Throughout the entire process, ProduceSOS adheres to your company’s brand values. We will work with your company to set goals and report key performance indicators from resolved exception events.

With ProduceSOS, You:

Promote Food RecoveryEstimates show that anywhere from 20 to 35 percent of the food produced in the United States goes unsold or unconsumed, with much of that coming from the food production and grocery retail sectors. 

At ProduceSOS, food recovery is one of our top priorities. Our team knows not all food recovery options are alike, with each having varying economic, societal and environmental implications. 

When food is still wholesome, we work to the greatest extent possible to ensure that food is donated to food banks or other qualified charitable organizations that help and serve those in need. When that isn’t possible, we work to identify livestock operations or other sources to keep food out of landfills.

Meet Sustainability Goals – When food and distressed product are diverted from a landfill, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. That lessens our environmental footprint and protects our planet. When food is still wholesome and can be donated for consumption, environmental benefits increase even further.

At ProduceSOS, your company’s sustainability goals are our goals. We will work with your team to ensure your product involved in exception events stays out of landfills and finds a home that adheres to your brand.

Streamline Supply Chains – When you deal with perishable foods and commodities, you always run the risk of exception events. If a customer rejects a load because it doesn’t meet their specifications, it costs your company. Every minute your product goes without a permanent home can mean increased shrink and transportation accessorial costs, wasted time for your employees, and increased freight claims.

The ProduceSOS team will work hand-in-hand with your company to resolve your exceptions in a way that drives savings along your supply chain and promotes your brand. ProduceSOS will also work with your company’s team to review previous exception events to anticipate potential solutions before exceptions occur.

The ProduceSOS Difference

When your company has an exception event, the ProduceSOS team knows what you’re going through because we’ve lived it. ProduceSOS’ roots can be traced to our family’s fourth-generation farm.

As a shipper, and like all companies in the food and beverage space, we too have faced exception events and dealt with the unfortunate situation of needing to find a home for distressed product. 

We’ve turned our internal playbook into a valuable service for other companies, helping them to promote food recovery, meet sustainability goals, and streamline supply chains.

Who Uses ProduceSOS?


Food, Beverage & CPG Companies

Wholesalers & Grocery Retailers

Farmers, Growers & Producers

Trucking Companies & 3PLs

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