A Solution for Any Distressed Event

ProduceDesk’s membership gives you free distressed event alerts in real-time.

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A Solution for Any Distressed Event

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Our produce recovery platform allows businesses of all types to receive notifications of available fruit and vegetable shipments that are on the road and need a new home for a number of reasons. Whether it’s a load rejected at a retailer because it’s out of spec, a freight claim due to temperature abuse, or product has spoiled and needs to be disposed of, our platform will connect you instantly with the appropriate partner so you can get back to business.

Freight Brokers &Trucking Companies

Keeping your trucks rolling keeps profits rolling in. Our platform allows carriers and brokers to find a home for rejections quickly and can help mitigate costs associated with claims.


Dealing with rejections is draining for time and money. Our platform allows you to explore unloading options wherever your load may be all in one place.


Our platform alerts wholesalers of nearby distressed events so you receive more inbound Price After Sale opportunities.


Receive notifications of distressed produce to be donated.

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